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Maternity care in Tauranga

Bay Births Independent Midwives

What Happens Next?

At Bay Births Independent Midwives, we can look after all of your maternity care needs. The first task is to help you determine when your baby is due. You may choose to have an ultrasound scan to confirm your due date, for which your midwife can arrange a referral. A blood test is recommended to confirm your blood group and to screen for certain underlying conditions which may affect your pregnancy. Your midwife will arrange an appointment for you at one of the Bay Births' clinics.

Personalised care

The first visit takes 30-60 minutes and is very involved as your needs are assessed. We will give you the opportunity to ask any questions.

Follow up visits usually take around 15-30 minutes. You remain in control of any decisions relating to your maternity care. Your midwife will help you with any information you need to make the decisions that are right for you.

Speak to our midwives at BayBirths today to find out more.

What to expect

At your first visit your midwife will:
  • Take your personal details, medical history, blood pressure, height, weight, and a urine sample
  • Discuss any recommendations for additional specialist care
  • Discuss ultrasound scans and screening tests for conditions such as Down Syndrome
  • Discuss your planned place of birth, hospital or home
  • Assess the size of your uterus and listen to your baby's heartbeat if you are more than 12 weeks pregnant
  • Assess your eligibility for free maternity care
  • Discuss timing of clinic visits throughout the pregnancy
  • Provide information about antenatal classes in the Tauranga area, nutrition, your rights and additional resources such as Pregnancy Help and WINZ
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